Initao, Mis Or - The Mindanao Business and IT Solutions (Minbits) Corp conducted a “Company Culture Building Workshop and Strategic Planning” last April 9-10, 2021 at Granny’s Beach Resort, Initao, Misamis Oriental. The said workshop was attended by all employees including the management and executives.

The seminar started at 9:00 a.m. with WAVE or Work Attitude and Values Enhancement Course which aims to guide the participant through an individual’s corporate journey of developing one’s personal mission-vision and life goals, and the efforts in aligning these with the company’s. Participants revisit their work outlook & perspective and decide to either renew their resolve to strengthen these or to become better by making a commitment to change and improve themselves further.

The course started first of knowing the participants own attitudes and values. By knowing their self, they will understand and know the attitudes and values of their co-workers. The speaker and Minbits CEO, Atty. Joerich M. Cuevas, provided a ‘Four Temperament Theory’ exercise and have the result shared with their coworkers.

Next, the speaker instructed the participant what are their personal vision, mission, and values. After the exercise, the speaker shared the vision, mission, and values of the company, and then instructed the participants how will they aligned their personal vision, mission, and values with the company. Once the exercise is done, the speaker explained that the results of this activity will form part of the 201 files of the employee and will be used for future coaching and reinforcement.

The morning session was ended with topics on “10 Values that Employers Looking for Employees” and “Ways to Demonstrate Work Ethics.”

The afternoon session focused on two topics: “Policy and Handbook Crafting” and “Performance Management System.” On the first topic, the speaker demonstrated to them the importance of a company policy and handbook, showed them the basic parts of the handbook, and instructed the participants to create a handbook for Minbits as an overnight activity and the white sand beach will be a good inspiration to write.

Next topic is “Performance Management System” or the process of managing the performance of employees through structured framework of performance, planning, monitoring, and evaluation. The speaker/CEO discussed the importance of PMS because it includes Performance Planning, Performance Coaching, Performance Evaluation, and Rewards and Career Development, and reiterated that PMS clearly shows Minbits important assets are the employees.

The speaker highlighted that for evaluation, coach, and career development purposes, the ratings will be 60% Performance Objectives and 40% Performance Behavior for the year 2021.

Performance Objectives include Key Result Area (KRA), Key Performance Indicators (KPI), and Performance Targets; while Performance Behaviors includes Core Values, Compliance to System and Policies, snd other Behavioral Factors.” The seminar ended after the speaker provide examples of the criteria depending on their job task.

The next day, the team presented the Company Policy for discussion, and it took whole morning to discuss the policy and the result is an employee-initiated handbook. In the afternoon, the team started to do the 2021 strategic planning discussing all the targets for this year and how to reach the targets. It also discussed both success and failures in the past year as their guide for the 2021. After the strategic planning, the team went to the beach front and conducted the last part of the activity, which is Teambuilding Games and Activities.

The team event is so successful that the team both taste the success of being productive and the taste of having vacation in one capsule. And they are looking forward to do the same next year.